Chronovision is a series of FREE video workshops for children aged between 7-12 and their parents to co-create a YouTube channel, broadcasting an imaginary TV network from the future.

The participants will co-create props, puppets, dioramas, backdrops, costumes and sound effects to then play out and film various imaginary scenarios of the future while learning video techniques, storytelling and animation under the guidance of the lead artists Billy and Kira. The materials will be mostly found objects and recyclables, with some eco-friendly craft stuff.

With FUTURE as the theme the workshops will create a space for local children and their families to playfully explore the current challenges facing society and planet Earth and consider creative solutions using a science fictive framework.

The workshops will be held on Saturday (1:30pm-4:30pm) and Sunday (10:30am-1:30pm) on the following dates:

11+12 January – we will create an imaginary documentary about future cities, transport and jobs

1+2 February   – we will design future use products and create TV adverts for them

8+9 February   – music of the future we will make new instruments to play in a post glitch cyberpunk band

7+8 March       – fashion show of the future – what kind of clothes will we wear?

25+26 April      – nature documentary – mutated and endangered species and their habitat

There will be snacks!

At the end of each weekend session we will create content for one episode to be released on Youtube within that month. There will also be two exhibitions in May presenting the things we have made, with details posted later on.

Places are limited and booking is essential – please email us at to book your free place or ask any questions. You are welcome to participate in all of the workshops – or just one:)
Please note that parents must also attend the workshops, drop offs are not available.
The Facebook event for the project is here.